Anders Wohnen - Leben und Schaffen im Eigenbau

Year: 2019
Length: 50'
Script: Risa Chiappori
Produced by: Lina Geissmann
Directed by: Risa Chiappori
DOP: Adrian Stähli
Editor: Mirjam Krakenberger
Sound Editor: Beni Mosele
Music: Beni Mosele
This form of living is completely different from what we know: A group of women and men has converted a huge storage hall into a living space in Zurich West. But the days of the hall housing project are numbered as the lease contract expires in a few months. While some are preparing to move to a normal apartment, Mätti and Eva hope to be able to officially and legally live in a newly developing cooperative for the first time. But the hurdles in the application process are high and other groups are competing for the two future residential halls as well.
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