Tino - Frozen Angel

Year: 2014
Length: 92'
Author: Willi Wottreng
Script: Adrian Winkler
Produced by: Lina Geissmann
Directed by: Adrian Winkler
DOP: Mario Winkler, Adrian Winkler
Editor: Rosa Albrecht, Adrian Winkler
Sound Editor: Beni Mosele frogman
Music: Roy and the Devil Motorcycle
Cast: Ruedi Schippert ,Werner Berger, Urban Gwerder, Ursula Speirs, Ulrich Luder, Isabella Glückle, Beatrice Guldimann
Distribution: Xenix Distribution
Nominations: Solothurner Filmtage nominated for PRIX DU PUBLIC 2014
They called him «Frozen Angel»." Martin «Tino» Schippert, the first Swiss president of the infamous «Hells Angels Motorcycle Club», was a legend already during his lifetime. Nobody embodied the Swiss 68ers' dream of freedom and self-realization as perfectly as he did. But for this dream he paid - with jail and death.
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