Wenn der Herrgott ruft

Year: 2011
Length: 50'
Script: Nathalie Oestreicher
Produced by: Lina Geissmann
Directed by: Nathalie Oestreicher
DOP: Simon Weber
Editor: Risa Chiappori
Sound Editor: Beni Mosele
Music: Beni Mosele
Twelve nuns still live in the monestary «Maria Opferung» in the city Zug. The youngest is 79 years old, the oldest 98. Besides the monastery they own a lot of land in most beautiful surroundings. But this possession is now becoming a problem: the sisters do not want their convent to be converted and the land to be fragmented and speculated on after their death. They want to keep the monastery a spiritual place and stay together in their community until they die. The situation of this monastery stands for many throughout the Western world. Empty monasteries are converted into company headquarters or hotels. Sister Superior Anna therefore sets off on an all-decisive journey to India. There, she wants to find successors for her beloved home of faith.
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