Heldin der Lüfte

Feature Film
Year: 2008
Length: 90'
Script: Josy Meier Eveline Stähelin
Produced by: Lina Geissmann
Directed by: Mike Huber
DOP: Thomas Wüthrich
Editor: Petra Beck
Sound Editor:Guido Keller Magnetix
Music: Michael Sauter
Cast: Melanie Winiger Beat Marti Esther Gemsch Baschi
World Sales: Telepool
For Sina Andri, it's a dream come true: the young helicopter pilot gets a job at «Rega». The only problem is that she has to complete her probationary period in the base in Samedan GR. It's the place Sina fled from in her youth after her first boyfriend took his own life and she was blamed for it.
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